Boat Trip in Tenerife - Arriro Boat Sailing Experience


Relax And enjoy !

Come with us to enjoy a Boat Trip in Tenerife. 3 hours of sailing aboard our ship Bavaria 39 Cruiser on the southwest coast of Tenerife.

During the trip there are many possibilities to see different species of dolphins, For instance; Common dolphins (Delphinus delphis), striped dolphins (Stenella coeruleoalba).

Different types of whales such as tropical pilot whales (Globicephala macrorhynchus), which have their habitual residence on the coasts of Tenerife or are passing through during their migration.

You can also see different species of migratory birds. Thats pass through the Canary Islands as different types of Shearwater

the small Shearwater (Puffinus assimilis baroli), The Shearwater Pichoneta (Puffinus puffinus) and the shearwater (Calonectris diomedea borealis).

Chorlitejo Patinegro (Charadrius alexandrinus) and the small Chorlitejo (Charadrius dubius curonicus).

After that, we will make a stop so you can swim in the blue waters and practice snorkeling.

If you have your own equipment you can bring it, otherwise, do not worry.  We will provide you with one so that you can observe and enjoy the funds and the great variety of species of fish and turtles that live in the area.

During the Boat Trip in Tenerife, we will offer water, beer, soft drinks and a catering with typical products from the Canary Islands.

All included in the price of the ticket. Apart from all this, if you wish you can reserve a paella that will be served on board

If you wish you can book a private excursion for groups

Price per person: 40 €
Included features of the service
3 hours
Puerto Colón, Adeje, Tenerife
Beers, Soft drinks, juices and water
Fresh Fruit, Aperitifs
Extras ( Not Included )
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